The first Aikido class commences at 3pm on Saturday 6th August*. Arrive early and take advantage of this extra class.

Classes with the Guest Instructor and BAF Shihan continue each day from Sunday 7th to Friday 12th August.   Classes start daily at 9.00am in the morning and after a break for lunch, at 2.00pm in the afternoon and run until 5.30pm.

Students will be provided with timetables upon arrival that will direct them to their designated classes. The timetable structure ensures that all students receive instruction from all senseis.


*The Saturday class is included at no extra cost for those attending Summer School, for those wishing to attend for Saturday only, there will be a £10 charge.

Aikido Classes

Early morning weapons classes run each day at 6.30am from Sunday 7th to Friday 12th August. 

These are open classes and are available to anyone wishing to attend.

Please remember to bring your weapons.

Weapons Classes