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The first Aikido class commences Saturday 3rd August* from 2pm-4pm. This will be taken by Sensei David Yates, 6th Dan Shihan.  Arrive early and take advantage of this extra class.

Classes with the Guest Instructor and BAF Shihan continue each day from Sunday 4th to Friday 11th August.   Classes start daily at 9.30am in the morning and after a break for lunch, at 2.00pm in the afternoon and run until 5.30pm.

Students will be provided with timetables upon arrival that will direct them to their designated classes. The timetable structure ensures that all students receive instruction from all senseis.

For those wanting extra time in the dojos for free practise or grading preparation, they are both open at lunchtimes and evenings.


*The Saturday class is included at no extra cost for those attending Summer School, for those wishing to attend for Saturday only, there will be a £10 charge.

Aikido Classes

Early morning weapons classes run each day at 6.30am from Sunday 4th to Friday 9th August. 

These are open classes and are available to anyone wishing to attend.

Please remember to bring your weapons.

Weapons Classes
Yoga Classes

New this year are Yoga sessions!  These will be held Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.  


These classes are aimed at anybody wanting to stretch their body after a hard day’s training and learn techniques for relaxation of body and mind.

  • Why Yoga at Aikido Summer School?  
    Yoga works on body, mind, and spirit as does Aikido.  The underlying principles are very similar in both arts.

  • I have never done Yoga, is it suitable?  
    Yes, these Yoga classes are aimed at beginners, the exercises are based on the Aikido Yoga exercises.  You will learn some of the anatomy and postures of the movements related to Aikido.

  • What are the benefits doing Yoga at the end of a training day?  
    Stretching muscles after intense Aikido classes removes tension in your body and mind.

  • Who is running the Yoga classes?  
    Gudrun Rieck is the instructor.  She is training as a yoga teacher with British Wheel of Yoga and is a BAF 5th Dan Fukushidoin.

Yoga by the Sea
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