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Kyu Grading
(6th - 2nd kyu)

The morning of
Wednesday 7th August

Yudansha Grading
(1st kyu and yudansha)

The morning of
Thursday 8th August

Taking an Ikkyu or Yudansha grading at Summer School?

Ensure your forms are sent to Stephen Parr in advance of Summer School.  Contact Steve directly via the options below:

Stephen Parr 
78 Orchard Park
CH2 4NG 

07774 862253

To assist the smooth running of all Gradings, it would be very much appreciated if the appropriate grading forms are fully completed prior to arrival at Summer School and subsequently submitted to the Summer School Office at the time of registration.


Copies of all required documents can be obtained below.


6th Kyu - 2nd Kyu Syllabus

1st Kyu - 4th Dan Syllabus


All Gradings

Yudansha Gradings


1st Kyu/Yudansha (1A)

1st Kyu/Yudansha (1B)

2nd Kyu

3rd Kyu

4th Kyu

5th Kyu

6th Kyu

Results Form

6th/5th/4th kyu - £15
3rd kyu and above - £20
All Yudansha - £30 + Hombu Fee

Yudansha, please note that details of grading fees are contained in the Yudansha Grading Advice document.

Please ensure that the form you submit is the version available above, is printed in colour and signed by the necessary instructors.

Grading fees must be submitted at the same time as the grading forms

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